Nevill’s Take: Redblacks home helmets need more red!

Our man @NevillCarney – he of several Ottawa Redblacks-related exploits – has an idea for the Redblacks home (black) helmets heading into the 2015 season. Have a read and vote below to let us know what you think!

With all the free agent signings last week, it really looks like the RedBlacks will see a drastic improvement in Year 2.

Another area I feel the team can improve is their look on the field. As I have indicated earlier on Defend the R, I haven’t been the biggest fan of their current look.

Realizing that their jerseys can’t change after a mere season (the uniform manufacturer, Reebok, apparently likes to keep the same set for a minimum of 2-3 years before changes are made), I offer the suggestion that they improve the helmet design and add more red; something that is in the hands of the Ottawa equipment managers rather than Reebok.

Here’s my proposal:


Ideally, with training camp right around the corner, I would love to spread the word and see if this can’t reach the @RedBlacks directly.

With them having their locker room sale for all of last year’s game-worn gear, they will be preparing to order 2015’s inventory soon.

Maybe we can catch them at the right time! What say you, Ottawa? Yay or Nay?


5 thoughts on “Nevill’s Take: Redblacks home helmets need more red!

  1. Personally think the black helmets are good the way they are. The all-black style makes the R pop nicely.

    Improvements that I’d like to see – and that the Redblacks could probably get away with – are:

    1. single colour (white) numbers on the the jerseys – cleaner look & easier to read

    2. Red & white socks for the home jersey. Last year most wore all black but a few players wore all white socks as well. Need to stay consistent one way or the other. Red socks adds that splash of colour that would be missing, assuming they made the change noted in my point #1.

    Thanks for doing this, Nevill! Lots of great conversation on Twitter about your concept. And the poll is telling us more are in favour than against some tinkering with the home helmets.

  2. All they need is a single red stripe down the middle, like the old Riders had. Also, lose the white road helmets, don’t need em! Go RedBlacks!

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