Redblacks 2016 training camp battles

By Cranky Frank Clair

My view from the corner of TD Place Stadium isn’t the greatest. I don’t talk to coaches and can’t see the whiteboards downstairs. But I still have a view of the RedBlacks heading into camp.

The Redblacks 2016 training camp storylines don’t begin with the opening of camp. They begin with key player departures during the offseason. Ottawa lost a star RT and DE, a very solid DT and two very good defensive backs. Colouring every story is the need for CFL teams to start seven Canadians, and when one comes off the field, another must go on. This is important context for the stories that will unfold over the next 3-4 weeks.

Offensive line

Photo Ottawa Citizen

The big question mark on the offensive line is whether the Redblacks can use a Canadian at RT. This would help their ratio elsewhere on the field. So watch for solid offensive guard Nolan MacMillan to get a look at right tackle, which will open up the spot for last year’s #1 draft pick Alex Mateas to start at G. Tackles have to be highly mobile to handle the fast and agile CFL defensive ends. MacMillan may not be able to make the transition. If he stays at G, then the RedBlacks will have both Mateas and perhaps their first rounder Lauzon-Séguin on the bench ready to fill in when an injury hits. As for RT, if not MacMillan then look for it to be one of two Americans. The candidates are former BC Lions OT Tommie Draheim or the 6-7 Jake Silas who was on the Redblacks practice roster last season after a weekend-long sniff at an NFL rookie camp. The rest of the o-line is set and there will be few depth jobs available. 

Defensive Line

The defensive line has a lot of question marks, and how they’re answered could determine whether the Redblacks earn a home playoff game in 2016. 

D-line gets complicated if the team can only start three Canadians on the o-line. Star defensive end Justin Capicciotti and his Canadian status may be irreplaceable. GM Marcel Desjardins seems to like former Ticat Arnaud Gascon-Nadon to replace Capy, but that’s a big leap. Connor Williams could step up but hasn’t shown a lot even when not injured. So that spot could go to an American. Options include the hyper-focused LaDarius Owens from Auburn, small school standout Emmanuel Graves, 6-6 Kendall Williams, or newly-signed small school standout Jake Ceresna who has solid testing numbers but played against weak competition. The players will sort this out themselves by stepping up (or not) during camp and pre-season.

Aston Whiteside was brilliant at the other DE position last year until his knee injury and the Redblacks were forced to sign the now-departed Shawn Lemon. Whiteside is reportedly ready to play, but until he faces full contact we won’t know if his knee will get him around the corner as effectively as it did last season. #RNation is crossing its fingers on Whiteside’s return. Even with Whiteside’s return, he could be shut down by opponents if he is the only threat. Much of the 2015 success was because they could apply pressure all along the line of scrimmage. 

Just when DT seemed stable, at press time, former NFLer Amobi Okoye is still not signed while the club awaits medical clearance. Okoye had a promising NFL career before a serious medical issue forced him out. He’s apparently recovered and is looking strong. Hopefully, medical sign-off is a technicality that will be cleared up soon. If not, DT becomes a huge question mark. Zack Evans and Moton Hokpins can’t play every snap. DT needs players rotating in and out to be effective. Okoye, Evans and Hopkins would be a formidable trio that would likely be augmented by a Canadian to avoid ratio issues elsewhere when Evans rests. 


One solution to the probable lack of a Canadian DE could be starting Jake Harty at WR. Harty seems faster and more versatile than Scott MacDonnell. Again, this is something that will get sorted over the next few weeks. 

The import spots at receiver seemed set until Texas WR John Harris arrived. He put up very impressive numbers his senior year with the Longhorns against primetime competition. Lack of NFL interest could be because he saw very few balls prior to senior year. He’ll provide stiff competition at camp for the incumbent American WRs. Expect Chris Williams to be able to concentrate solely on receiver duties from day one this season. Ellingson and Sinopoli were unknown quantities to the opposition at the beginning of 2015. Expect them to get more attention now, opening up the field elsewhere. 

Defensive Backs

The d-line justly gets a lot of credit for its 2015 success; “D-Block” deserves credit for many of their league-leading sacks. There are two big departures in Jovon Johnson and Brandyn Thompson. Fortunately, D-Block is deep. The incredibly-named Forrest Hightower was emerging as a solid player last season once he got some playing time, while Abdul Kanneh and Jerrell Gavins firmly established themselves last season as very reliable and dangerous. Brandon Sermons was fairly steady last season. We can also expect an unknown to emerge at camp. It’s the CFL way with DBs.


This is pure speculation, but I wonder if a move to FS might be considered for current SAM linebacker Antoine Pruneau. Last season’s FS Jermaine Robinson could ably slide over to a vacant DB position. Marcel Desjardins is bringing a lot of LBs into camp. Pruneau’s passport and his effectiveness means he’ll be on the field somewhere, but IF he has picked up any speed over the offseason and if any of the LBs in camp turn enough heads, Pruneau could end up at FS. A glaring hole in the defensive backfield requiring Robinson’s services could also force the move. Pruneau plays a vital pass and run coverage role as SAM LB, and a very fast, smart and reliable player would have to emerge to replace him.

It’s hard to determine before camp whether that player exists. 

The team has brought in a lot of LBs who look impressive on video playing for small colleges. One of them could emerge to push David Hinds or Damaso Muñoz. Both are solid, particularly Muñoz who has been one of the league’s underrated players since he arrived. LB prospects will have to push Hinds or one of them will have to show ability to play SAM. Special teams performance is the best path for aspiring LBs to make the roster, even better if they are Canadian. 

QB, RB and Special Teams

Nothing to see here, folks. Burris is the number 1 QB. Harris won’t start until next season as long as Hank stays healthy and winning in 2016. RB is largely set, although history shows the need to have a steady supply. Expect a back or two to emerge during camp. Lavoie is a beast at FB. Kicker and punter are set for the first time in RedBlacks history. Finally. 

It all starts Sunday. I’ll be watching from the southwest corner, if you need me.

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A couple opinions on the Redblacks new jerseys

On Thursday (or Jersday, as it turns out), the CFL and its nine teams revealed their new Adidas-designed uniforms to the world. In Ottawa, we heard tidbits of information over the last month about some of the new features, but today was the day for fans to finally see what their team will be wearing in 2016.

Before we look at the new uniforms, let’s take a last look at the teasers, shall we?

(someone played with the greyscale to reveal this:)

And now, the Redblacks new uniforms, with thoughts from @DefendTheR and fellow jersey geek @NevillCarney.

HOME (black)


  1. Red added to collar, shoulders and ‘flashes’ down the side of the jersey
  2. Larger ‘REDBLACKS’ wordmark below the collar
  3. Number colours swapped, now white with red outline, and no longer italicized
  4. Shoulder numbers removed
  5. (Appears to be) smaller font used for namebar on the back
  6. ‘#RNation’ added to pant leg
  7. Red trim behind the knee of pants
  8. Red socks

AWAY (white)

(Sorry, not too many pictures around just yet)

Again, here’s how they’ve changed:

  1. Red accents added to collar
  2. Red ‘OTTAWA’ wordmark below the collar
  3. Number colours swapped, now red with black outline, and no longer italicized 
  4. Shoulder numbers removed
  5. (Appears to be) smaller font used for namebar on the back
  6. ‘#RNation’ added to pant leg

Alright, now for our impressions of the changes:

@DefendTheR: The addition of red to the home uniform was a must and nicely executed. Was hoping to see some striping on the shoulders, but not to be.

@NevillCarney: RED! If there was one single complaint I had when Ottawa unveiled their uniforms in their inaugural season in 2014, it was that a team named the REDblacks hardly had any red! I love the red compression stockings and the way they seemingly connect with the pants.

@DefendTheR: The larger REDBLACKS wordmark on the home jersey is sharp, filling up a non-personalized jersey a tiny bit better.

The move to white numbers was a no-brainer. The old ones were simply too dark. That being said, I still think white numbers with no outline would look just a bit better.

@NevillCarney: Numbers improve legibility as they are no longer italicized and are now white on the black jersey, answering broadcasters’ prayers for better contrast. They also keep the axe notch in the font, so bonus points there.

As for REDBLACKS on the front of the black home jersey, given the large francophone population in the city, it seems to give preferential treatment to the English version of the name rather than the “Rouge et Noir” translation. The best way to please both sides is to have it read “Ottawa”, similar to the new white road jersey.

@DefendTheR: It’s great to see the OTTAWA wordmark on the road uniform (especially since it won’t be on the pants). Also, the use of red numbers provide quite a different look, one somewhat resembling the glory days, in fact.

Again, a single-colour number probably makes this look just a touch better, but it’s a good look.

@NevillCarney: I wasn’t overwhelmed with the new CFL logo when it was first revealed during Grey Cup week last season, but on the jerseys, on the red collar, it looks really sharp.

@DefendTheR: I’m not a huge fan of #RNation on the pants, frankly. And not for any of the silly reasons being spewed on social media, but because there isn’t enough ‘Ottawa’ on the uniform. In fact, on the home set, there’s none. That being said, how can you not like the fact the team is giving a shoutout to the fanbase? Pretty cool gesture.

@NevillCarney: I’m on the fence with #RNation on the pants, but I like how it was captured on the inside collar. I also like that the team recognizes its incredibly strong fanbase and social media supporters.

@DefendTheR: The Redblacks confirmed the team will continue to use their white helmets on the road, which I am happy about. However, I wonder if adding a red stripe down the middle might help balance out the entire look? (UPDATE: they won’t be).

@NevillCarney: Still no red on the helmets. Essentially, if you remove the logos from the black helmet, we have the exact same one as our nemesis in Hamilton! A red facemask and/or stripe down the helmet like the old Rough Riders would fix that.

Also, no plaid! After building a strong brand with the plaid alternate jersey for the past 2 seasons, there is no sign of this on the new look. I would have bet $$$ on there being some form of plaid in the new design. Glad I’m not a betting man. 🙂

Overall Thoughts

@DefendTheR: Solid uniform upgrades. No question both sets needed more red and the home uniforms needed to be brightened up. The uniforms are definitely a more modern look, which is fine, although I would eventually like to see more traditional elements incorporated.

@NevillCarney: Ottawa’s new look is very similar to Calgary’s and Saskatchewan’s in the sense that it is a paint-by-numbers/cookie-cutter look. What do I mean by that? Look at each of the aforementioned teams and take note: do they have shoulder numbers? No. (This is a staple for football jerseys! Bring those back!) Do they have coloured patches along the sides and arms in the exact same spots? Yes.

@DefendTheR: The ‘ROUGEetNOIR’ wordmark is once again relegated to essentially an afterthought, used only on the front of the helmet. If the team is serious about this name as part of the overall brand, they need to start using it! And if not, might as well just abandon it altogether.

@NevillCarney: Overall, it’s an improvement over what Ottawa wore for the past 2 seasons, but still misses the mark in my opinion: 7/10.

Much like how superfan Jacob Barrette worked with the NHL’s Senators to design a heritage uniform that quickly became a top seller, I would suggest a similar interaction for the RedBlacks and their fans to really nail it for the inevitable next set of jerseys in the near future. We are so close to being the best-dressed team in the CFL, we just need a few tweaks to get there.

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Ottawa Redblacks 2016 Draft recap

The Ottawa Redblacks took part in their fourth CFL draft on Tuesday (third as an active team), adding nine talented Canadians from CIS and NCAA schools to their roster. Here’s a look at each pick, and what we know/have heard about each:

#7 OL Jason Lauzon-Séguin, Laval

Lauzon-Séguin became the third Laval offensive lineman taken in the first round, following Philippe Gagnon (#2 pick to Montréal) and Charles Vaillancourt (fifth pick to BC). Though his teammates garnered most of the attention, some believe Lauzon-Séguin could be the most talented and is certainly the most versatile, as GM Marcel Desjardins explains:

Also telling that Canadian Football Blog (@CanFbBlog) has Lauzon-Séguin on their Top 5 Underrated Prospects list.
Born in St-Eugène, Lauzon-Séguin is unlikely to start in 2016. Like last year’s #1 pick, Alex Mateas, he will likely see limited reps in his rookie season, with an eye to a starting role in 2017.

#16 DB Mikael Charland, Concordia

As has become a customary through the team’s three full drafts, Desjardins went a little off the board with his second round draft selection, picking Concordia DB Mikael Charland. He was not, for example, on the CIS Scouting Bureau’s final Top 20 list released in April. Nonetheless, the Redblacks have themselves an impressive athlete, standing 6′ 4″, who could be a major ratio-buster at DB. Born in Gatineau, Charland is expected to be a contributor on special teams in fairly short order.

#25 DL Mehdi Abdesmad, Boston College

With their third selection, the Redblacks selected their most talented and highly-touted player of the 2016 draft in Mehdi Abdesmad. Ranked #3 by the CIS Scouting Bureau, the 6′ 7″ (!) Abdesmad could one day be a huge part of Ottawa’s defensive line, however he is currently the property of the Tennessee Titans. This is the first time the Redblacks have taken a shot on a NFL signee. Wish him all the best down south, but having him end up in Ottawa would be a major coup.

#34 LB Kevin Jackson, Sam Houston State

Jackson is a Canadian-born, Texas-raised LB that adds Canadian depth at a premium defensive position. Indications are he can also contribute on special teams in Ottawa sooner than later.

#43 OL Randy Beardy, Windsor

In the CFL, a team really can’t have enough Canadian offensive line depth. In Beardy, the Redblacks get just that, and a player that CFL draft guru Justin Dunk picked as one of his sleepers.

#45 OL Kyle Fraser-Audit, Guelph

More Canadian OL depth! With the pick acquired from Saskatchewan in the Mo Price trade, the Redblacks added the now-former Guelph Gryphon. Here’s a little workout video:

#54 LB Arto Khatchikian, Concordia

The Redblacks second selection out of Concordia also happens to be roommates with their first, Charland.

This is pretty cool, too:

Khatchikian projects as mainly a special teams contributor as a pro.

#60 WR Jamal Kett, Western

The 6′ 5″ Kett transferred from Simon Fraser University to Western in 2015. Unfortunately, Kett broke his leg while training in the spring and is not expected at training camp. He’ll likely get his first look in 2017.

#69 LB Guillaume Tremblay-Lebel, Laval

With their final pick, Ottawa selected their second Rouge et Or product of the night in Tremblay-Lebel. Here’s some video:

Tremblay-Lebel also represented the eighth Laval player drafted on the night to set a new CFL draft record.


Laval players drafted: 2
Concordia players drafted: 2
Local players drafted: 2
Players with multiple last names drafted: 3

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(Player photos courtesy of @Redblacks)

Retro Preview: How they’d look today – 1969

As we await Thursday’s launch of the Redblacks’ new Adidas-designed uniforms, we thought this would be a great opportunity to “look ahead” to what Ottawa’s first throwback uniforms might look like. With 120 years of Rough Rider football to draw from, there are definitely some great options to consider. In this short series (this is the third of three – part 1 here, part 2 here), we’ll look at which year (or timeframe) we’d like to see remembered and why. Huge thanks to artist and CFL fan Nelson Hackewich for the concepts.

Part 3 of 3: Glory Days

Photo: Scott Grant Photogrphy

A Little History

The back-half of the 1960s really were the last of the heydays for the Ottawa Rough Riders. From 1966 to 1969, Ottawa amassed a dynastic 40-13-2 record, winning two Grey Cups (’68 & ’69) and appearing in a third (’66).

We highlighted the many honours QB Russ Jackson won during his career in our last post. Other Rough Riders award-winners during this period include:

Frank Clair – Coach of the Year (1966)
RB Bo Scott – All-Star (1966)
WR Whit Tucker – All-Star (1966)
G Roger Perdrix – All-Star (1966)
DB Gene Gaines – All-Star (1966)
LB Ken Lehmann – Most Outstanding Lineman (1968), All-Star (1969)
RB Vic Washington – Grey Cup MVP (1968), All-Star (1969)

SE Margene Adkins – All-Star (1969)
DE Billy Joe Booth – All-Star (1969)
LB Jerry Campbell – All-Star (1969)
DB Don Sutherin – All-Star (1969)

Following the 1969 Grey Cup, Jackson announced his retirement from the CFL, ending a legendary 12-year career.

This uniform appears to have been worn from 1966 until 1973, but is synonymous with the 1969 team. It would indeed be fitting that this one be the first throwback used by the Redblacks, both as a representation of Ottawa’s CFL Golden Age and recognition of Jackson’s impact on the league.

The Uniform

Home uniform, circa 1969
Away (road) uniform, circa 1969
So good.

EDIT (2:30pm): Forgot to include this photo of Tony Gabriel from the inaugural home opener in 2014:

Looks real similar, doesn’t it? At this point, I’d be shocked if this wasn’t the Redblacks’ first foray into retro uniforms. 

Thanks for reading! Can’t wait till Thursday! 


1. Forgotten Heroes: The Ottawa Rough Riders 1969-1996 by John Joseph Kelly 
2. Wikipedia

The Social: Chatting with OSEG’s Digital Marketing Manager, Mat Smith

Back by popular demand, we sat down with the man behind @Redblacks, OSEG’s Manager of “Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing”, Mat Smith (@smith_mat). It’s our opportunity to get an inside look at the social media game in pro sports, and maybe a little inside scoop or two 😉

Thanks to Mat for taking the time in what is becoming an increasingly jam-packed CFL offseason. Enjoy!

@DefendTheR: #RNation had a strong first year, but really stepped up their game in 2015, leading the CFL in Twitter activity. Success on the field certainly helps, but in your eyes, what was the biggest revelation from 2015 that made this happen? 

Mat Smith: Total team effort. We’ve been able to establish an online community where the team, fans, players, and staff all interact on a regular basis. There are no barriers. There’s two-way conversation. I think we’ve done a good job of creating a real community atmosphere where everyone feels open and comfortable talking to each other.

The key to getting fans talking about your team? Talk back. Engage in dialogue. Give them a reason to talk about you. Create engaging and unique content. We’re not afraid to answer questions, goof around, or even initiate conversations with members of #RNation.

Personal social media highlight(s) from this season?

Oh, man. Obviously having the most-mentioned Twitter account was cool, but there a definitely a few moments that stand out to me. I think the majority of my social media highlights are all tied to important on-field moments; Henry Burris’ record-setting game, clinching a playoff spot, Greg Ellingson’s “2nd and 25” catch, and this video of Rick Campbell getting a Gatorade shower after winning the East Final.

All in all, 2015 was amazing. I was able to document and capture content during a worst-to-first season, several CFL records, a Grey Cup trip, and got to see football in Ottawa continue to blossom. I get the opportunity to work with first-class athletes and interact with great fans on a daily basis…it makes my job pretty easy.

Your most unique memory from Grey Cup?

The whole week was a whirlwind. I don’t think I could even single out one particular memory. Grey Cup week had a huge impact on my life, both professionally and personally, and it was an experience I’ll never forget.

It’s been awesome to see the locker room access provided for social media. What were the changes/enhancements/improvements you had specifically planned for the fanbase? And how did the players/front office staff take to it?

The access is in large part to a strong and trusting relationship with our football ops team. We work together to ensure the content being produced represents the team in the best way, but at the same time making sure it comes across as genuine. Marcel, Rick, and the rest of the staff have been a huge help both at home and on the road.

We want to show fans what it’s really like to be in a CFL locker room before and after a game. We want to ensure we have a good mix of photos, pre and post-game speeches, interviews, and some of the lighter content that goes on in the locker room; freestyle rapping, players interviewing other plays, Ernest Jackson riding his bicycle, etc.

Football is a brotherhood. It’s about camaraderie, teamwork, and family. That’s really what we’re trying to convey when we take fans behind the scenes. Sometimes it’s intense and sometimes it’s light. We’re lucky enough to have the access to show both sides of the coin.

Seems like you guys are more than willing to try out out new toys and gadgets to engage fans. Tell us a bit about the ones you tried last season?

 A couple of the bigger initiatives last season were our Brizi Cam – fan-controlled cameras installed around the stadium that were linked to a mobile site, and a heavy-focus on GoPro content in our #GoingPro video series. We’ve got a few new fun toys from Twitter this year including a GIF maker, video challenger, and Twitter Q&A app that should make for an even more engaging fan experience.

What’s your pick for the next big thing/platform in social media? 

Video, video, and more video. Whether it’s live-streaming, 360 video, or platform-specific video series, it seems to be the dominant type of content across the majority of platforms. I think you’ll see teams and brands put more emphasis into their video production. It’s easy, consumable content.

Without giving away too much, can you give #RNation a taste of what we’re in for in 2016?

More live video streaming on Facebook and Twitter (Periscope), heavy focus on produced video, fun/wacky content with our players, behind-the-scenes access, and even more fan-focused content. We’re also looking to do some local crowd-sourcing for some special projects; there are a lot of talented people in Ottawa and we’d love to incorporate them into our content.

What would you like to see? Tweet your ideas @REDBLACKS or @smith_mat.

Besides @Redblacks (ie. yourself), what other team account makes you laugh?

That’s a tough one. I usually go for content > humour, but there are a few accounts out there that do a great job of being funny while remaining on-brand. I’ll give my favourite from each of the “big four” leagues: Chicago Cubs (@Cubs), Columbus Blue Jackets (@BlueJacketsNHL), Carolina Panthers (@Panthers), and the Golden State Warriors (@warriors).

The #RNation flag that flies at TD Place was an awesome idea and it was a great honour to see our @OTTRoughRiders account featured on it. Can you give us a little background on how it came to be and the thinking behind it?

We really wanted our content to be personal, fan-centric, and based around #RNation. John Mathers, our VP of Ticket Sales & Marketing, came up with the idea. The idea initially began as just the big crowd flag, but then grew into having a select player lead the team out of the tunnel each game carrying a smaller version of the flag, as well as a flag that at TD Place that is raised by season ticket holders. The idea is that we all play for #RNation and that the fans are a huge part of the team. Our players completely bought into that idea.

After visiting Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton a couple times last year, I noticed the Ticats integrate tweets into their gameday presentation. Something we might see more of at TDP?

Yes – absolutely. We have the capability with our scoreboard and will use it for the upcoming season.

Anything else from around the league you’ve seen and really liked as far as gameday presentation or social media initiative?

I’m a big fan of Saskatchewan’s game day presentation as a whole – it’s simple and engaging. As for social, I really like the voice and direction the Argos have taken in recent months. I’m excited to head down to BMO Field and experience outdoor football in Toronto.

Does the CFL initiate social media training for each team?

We work closely with league staff to ensure everyone is on the same page, constantly updated on changes to the various platforms, and to help optimize content that is produced across the league. Occasionally we’ll hold league-wide conference calls or video chats with Facebook and Twitter reps to discuss the latest changes and trends. There is also a fairly large portion of CFL Congress (annual league meetings) dedicated to social media best practices.

Is social media training provided to players at the league level, or do you look after it internally?

Social media training for players is generally handled at the team level. Marcel and his staff have been incredibly accommodating over the past couple seasons and have allotted time for us to give a training session during the first full-team meeting at camp. I try to make myself as available as possible to our players and encourage their input on content pieces, social initiatives, or any ideas they may have throughout the season.

Noticed there were additions to the Redblacks comms team this offseason. How has the comms/social team changed/grown since the start-up days?

In year one we really only had three staff managing comms/social/content. We’ve since expanded our team to almost 10 people to ensure we have full 360 coverage for all four of the OSEG brands (REDBLACKS, Fury FC, 67’s, & TD Place).

Do you have other people at OSEG look after the Redblacks social media accounts periodically? How do you structure that?

Yes, we have a handful of people with access to the team accounts. It’s primarily myself and one other person, but also a combination of the comms/content team. We try to keep a uniform voice no matter who is posting.

Can you give us some highlights of the new website? What’s the best way for fans to get notification & stay up-to-date on all things Redblacks?

As you’ve probably heard, we’ve decided to shut down REDBLACKS mobile app. The new league-wide website redevelopment is the reasoning behind this decision. 

The new website is optimized for mobile – that’s a huge step forward for us as a league. The site was designed with a heavy focus on rich video and imagery. It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. The best way for fans to stay up-to-date is to follow us on social media (Twitter is the most all-encompassing channel), check the website, and subscribe to our newsletters.

With adidas coming on board, there will obviously be some jersey changes coming. I know you can’t tell us much, but maybe can you share your thoughts on how the new ones turned out?

Haha I knew this would come up. The picture will become clearer in the coming days. I think fans will be really happy with the new adidas jerseys – definitely some improvements from the last two years.

Redblacks jersey teaser #1 (
Redblacks jersey teaser #2 (

Redblacks jersey teaser #3 (

Any update on the plaid helmets?

Just kidding 🙂

Haha, it’s too bad they didn’t pan out. I actually really liked the look. Now I can’t use my favourite Biggie lyric anymore because there’s no hat to match.

Thanks again for the insight, Mat!