More Redblacks jersey concepts & a concept update

Finally let the cat out of the bag on Twitter about this blog. Thanks to all of you that have checked it out in the last couple of days. We’ll see what this can grow into in the coming months.

On to the topic at hand – and one of my favourite topics at that – jersey concepts. We’re always on the lookout for these and came across a couple more. FYI – couldn’t locate the sources of today’s new concepts. If you can, please share with us.

Have a look:



Well, I think it’s safe to assume someone was having a bit of fun with the plaid concept. Don’t think that could ever seriously work. Perhaps as a one-time-use promotional jersey. The black-jersey-red-pant concept, however, has some interesting elements, including the much more subtle plaid trim and the fact that white is almost completely left out of the colour palette. Redblacks logo on the front is definitely a wee bit big.

Here’s another concept that’s a little out there:


Just a little too much going on with this set. That said, the more contemporary jersey template they’re built on is interesting. Maybe with fewer colours in the mix this could turn into something that works.

The last one for today is an update on a great concept by Dan Ruggiero originally featured in this post. Have a look at these:




Pretty slick stuff. As Dan mentioned in his Tweet on Sunday, jerseys/pants/socks could be very easily interchanged with these sets. I do not doubt it. And that red helmet could really work, couldn’t it? I personally wouldn’t want it as the primary helmet, for historical reasons, but definitely a solid alternate.

Looking at some of Ottawa’s uniforms of the past, the all-red set is a call-back to Ottawa Rough Rider uniforms worn in the 1940s, while the all-white set with red accents is along the lines of what was worn in the early 1960s, as below:


Not sure that was exactly the intention, but a happy coincidence for sure.

Again, if you’ve come across (or designed, for that matter) any Redblacks jersey concepts, please let us know about them and we’ll be sure to feature in a future post.

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