Redblacks Drop Win

By: Santino Filoso


Friday was a cold, rainy night, but that didn’t stop the Redblacks from putting on a show for yet another sold out crowd at TD Place. The final result wasn’t what R-Nation wanted as the visiting Esks eked out a win with a last minute field goal, but fans were treated to an entertaining effort led by the defense.


– R-Nation shows they aren’t fickle as they pack into TD Place despite October rain and temperatures

– Turns out the second E on the Eskimo’s helmets stands for Embarrassments, as Edmonton chooses not to come out of their locker room for the Canadian anthem. Head coach Chris Jones justified his team’s absence by claiming that “We already know all the words”

– Redblacks win the coin toss for the second game in a row

1st Quarter:

– Ottawa receives the ball and proceeds to march down the field as Henry Burris (#1) slings the rock around. The Redblacks settle for a 51 yard FG attempt following drops by Henry² (Marcus Henry #16) and Carlton Mitchell (#88)

– Brett Maher’s (#3) kick is wide right but still nets the Redblacks a single, 1-0 for the team who didn’t miss the anthem

– Reggie “Showtime” Jones (#20) makes a hell of a play, quickly setting the tone for the night



– Jasper Simmons (#31) snuffs out  a screen, flying around and dishing out pain

– Eskimo’s QB Mike Reilly decides to throw into zone coverage which doesn’ t end well for the him as Brandyn Thompson (#25) picks him off and returns it to the Esk’s 16 yard line

– Burris and moves the offence to the 10 before throwing an incomplete pass intended for Henry², head coach Rick Campbell takes advantage of the new rule that let’s coaches challenge for PI (pass inference) but the ruling on the field is confirmed

– Wanting to fit in with the other receivers, a wide open Onrea Jones (#89) drops a surefire touchdown on the goal line

– Maher nails a 17 yard FG

2nd Quarter:

– Reilly is flushed out of the pocket by Jonathon Williams (#75) and crushed on by Brandon Lang (#91) on 2nd and 10

Reilly gets tag teamed
Reilly gets tag teamed

– Burris throws a 55 yard hitch and go to Wallace Miles (#84), Esks challenge if it was really a catch claiming Miles fumbled but the ruling on the field stands

– Maher’s 20 yard FG is good

– Connor “Conan” Williams (#99) gets a coverage sack


– Grant Shaw gets the Esks on the board with a 39 yard FG

– Marter (Matt Carter #85) makes a beautiful over the should diving catch for a 35 yard gain and follows it up with a drop

– Under heavy pressure

– Maher punts 60 yards for a rouge

– Simmons and Antoine Pruneau (#6) make all the tackles as the Esks go two and out


– Carlton Mitchell weaves 15 yard through the Esks secondary for a 1st down


– Jones gets blown up going over the middle but manages to hang onto the ball

– Feeding off a rowdy home crowd, the Redblacks force another two and out

– Jason Pottinger (#46) delivers a thumping hit on punt coverage

– Jerell Gavins (#24) makes a great play, blanketing his man in deep coverage

– Shaw shanks a 50 yard FG to end the half

– Redblacks lead the Edmonton Embarrassments 8-4 after 30

Half time:

– Former Bomber Milt Stegall spends the intermission explaining how to optimize ball catching

3rd Quarter:

– Esks receive the ball to start the half and a swarming Redblacks’ defense would’ve forced another two and out, but Williams nails Reilly long after the ball comes out, keeping the drive alive

– Pruneau continues to rack up tackles, sacking Reilly for a 5 yard loss

– Williams decides that one roughing the passer flag isn’t enough, so he comes in low, hitting Reilly’s knees and gifting the Eskimos with another 15 yards

– History is made when Keith “I like hitting people” Shologan (#74) recovers Reilly’s fumble on the 2 yard line in the first goal line stand in Redblacks’ history

– Backed up and under heavy pressure in his end zone, Burris gets off the hook when roughing QB call takes away an Esks’ pick 6

– Maher makes a touchdown saving tackle as the Redblacks’ sloppy punt coverage rears it’s ugly head

– Rod Black somehow mistakes Big Joe for Big John

*Not our mascot

– Shaw doesn’t shank a 28 yard FG, cutting the Redblacks’ lead to one

– Marter nearly causes an interception when he lets a pass go through his hands

– Travis Brown (#43) causes a fumble on final play of the quarter which is recovered by Williams

– Chris Jones gets in the official’s ear after his team takes 6 penalties in the quarter

4th Quarter:

– Trailing by 1 and on Ottawa’s 12 yard line, the Esks forgo an easy field goal on 3rd and 1 and get STUFFED when Pat White tries to take the ball wide but gets tripped up by Pruneau


You'd be scared too if you had Capital Punishment coming at you too!
You’d be scared too if you had Capital Punishment coming at you!

– Eskimo penalties keep the Redblacks drive alive and march them into field goal range with less than four minutes remaining

– Marter makes a nice 36 yard catch but forgets that possession is nine-tenths of the law and allows the ball to be stripped from his hands, R-Nation collectively groans

– With 3:22 left in the game and starting from the shadow of his own goal posts (on the 10), Reilly uses his legs and arms to convert a couple of 2nd downs, and despite trailing for 59 min and 40 seconds, the Esks march into field goal range and Shaw makes a 27 yard kick to give the Edmonton Embarrassments a 10-8 lead


– Burris completes a short pass before scrambling around and throwing two incompletions to end the game as Mary ignores the Redblacks’ hails

Final Score: Redblacks lose 10-8 in a heart breaker

Alonzo Lawrence thanks Marter for his fumble

Key Stats:

– Walker gained 58 yards on 14 carries

– Marter made 5 catches for 97 and had a back breaking fumble

– Pruneau had 10 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble, not a bad night’s work in his 2nd start

Closing Thoughts:

What a tough loss. On a night when the defense played their hearts out, the Redblacks’ offense let them down, failing once again to score a touchdown. Burris was solid against the league’s toughest defense and a potentially big early lead was wiped out by drop after drop. Marter (Matt Carter) was well on his way to having his best game as Redblack, but unfortunately the only thing fans will remember is his fumble and not the other catches he made.

After giving up 1,347 yards and 109 points over the last three-games the Redblacks defense finally tightened up. Feeing off an enthusiastic home crowd, it generated four turnovers and three sacks and kept Reilly under heavy pressure all night long. Antoine Pruneau had a breakout game, along with Reggie “Showtime” Jones. Despite manhandling the Eskimos, the defense ultimately came up short right when they needed a stop the most.

Special teams were once again an issue as though Maher had a strong night punting averaging 46 yards a pop, he missed a field goal that would come back to haunt the team. The kick coverage was better that it has been the past few games, but the Redblacks still gave up a few long returns.

Even with the loss, the Redblacks can take some positives from this game. The defense was stellar and if they continue play at the same level the team will be in every game. With the Stampeders coming to town next Sunday afternoon, you can bet that the Redblacks will come out fired up and looking to finally make TD Place live up to it’s name.


– All images via and the Ottawa Sun

3 thoughts on “Redblacks Drop Win

  1. Really enjoy your work breaking down the game. It was definitely a trap game for Edmonton, too bad the Redblacks could not capitalize. That said, I am excited to see how the defence goes from here, if the last game and a half is any indication they should be fun to watch.

    Wonder who the gets the call to replace Jackson and Williams who were both on the active roster last week?

  2. Thanks for reading Gib! I think it’s a safe bet that 2nd round pick Scott MacDonell (WR) gets in there and maybe Jovon Johnson coming back from injury.

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