Meet ____________, the newest addition to Ottawa’s mascot scene

By: Santino Filoso

This past Monday, the Ottawa Redblacks unveiled their new mascot during the 67’s Family Day matinee. In a very fitting move, the team chose to keep with the plaid theme and unveiled this handsome fella:

This as of yet unnamed mascot keeps with the theme that the Redblacks organization has chosen to embrace with their brand, logo and history.
1) It pays homage to Ottawa’s lumber history by invoking memories of folk heroes such as Big Joe Mufferaw
2) Lumberjacks are about as Canadian you can get so it’s completely appropriate for the Nation’s Capital’s team
3) He has a jawline that can cut trees, freeing up his axe to chop through opposing teams.

Of course it wouldn’t be Redblacks news without a heavy dose of criticism; first the name was mocked for being too outlandish yet now the mascot is dumped on for being an unoriginal stereotype. Here’s what the naysayers are forgetting; mascots are for kids, and judging by the stream of beaming children’s pictures on Twitter, our lumberjack is a hit!

The Redblacks have given their fans the floor by letting them send suggestions for the name and Twitter wasted no time in responding. Here’s a taste:

The Good
Rough Rider, Big Joe, Tim Bur, Rideau Rooter, Bytown Bob, Big Joe Mufferaw

The Bad
Red Black Jack, Woody, Chopper, Brawny

The Ugly
Axelrod, Arbee, Louis Poutine, Sir Choppington

Personally, I really like idea of naming the mascot Big Joe Mufferaw but what do you think? Send your ideas here.